मागपत्र प्रमाणीकरण (Demand Attestation)

Nepali Workers Demand Documentation:

The companies of Russian Federation and the accredited countries who have valid approvals from concerned authorities of the respective Government for recruiting foreign workers can contact the embassy for attestation of workers demand documents.

Required Documents for attestation of Recruitment Documents in Russia and the accredited countries are:

  1. Demand Letter from Employment Company in Russian Federation and accredited countries to the Nepali Recruitment Agency (Manpower companies).
  2. Guarantee Letter by Employment Company to the Department of Foreign Employment assuring the recruited Nepali workers will not be send to third country within the contract period.
  3. Employment contract with contract provisions between Employment Company and the prospective workers.
  4. Power of Attorney given by Employment Company to Recruitment (Manpower) Agency in Nepal for recruitment of workers mentioned in the demand letter.
  5. Service Agreement between Employment Company and Recruitment Agency of Nepal.

Additional requirements:

  • Company Registration Certificate of Employment Agency and Recruitment Agency and renewal certificate showing their validity is also required.
  • Other Supporting documents may be asked by the Embassy as required.
  • If the company already has Nepalese workers, make available two or more of them for enquiry by the embassy.
  • The embassy may need to visit the company’s premises as a part of the review process of the demand document and to physically assess occupational safety and health condition of living quarters and overall security for the workers.

Revenue Structure:

S.N. Number of Workers Attestation Fee for one set of Demand Documents

(in US Dollar)

1. 1-25 300 If the demand letter has to be amended (per document 100$).
2. 26-100 350
3. 101 & more 400